About us

Our company is the people the company consists of

HADEPOL FLEXO Sp. z o.o. (private limited company) is comprised of a personnel of various specializations and of high qualification, motivation and involvement. Offering still better and better working conditions on particular positions, HADEPOL may rely on acquiring more and more valuable employees, which is not without significance, when considering the increasing customers’ demands related to the maintaining production line and strict technological demands. In order to satisfactorily meet our customers’ requirements, our company pays much attention to the quality of the raw materials and extras, carefully selecting and monitoring their sub-suppliers, the majority of whom are the top-notch entities in the world chemical industry.


The beginning of our business

From the moment our company was launched, that is from 1994, our company got affiliated with the market of packaging for different purposes. Taking into considerations the changes on the market and the fact that it is getting more and more demanding itself, we realize that the companies that will survive are the ones that can offer the top-quality wide assortment and the possibility of maintaining competitive prices. We incessantly strive for meeting all those requirements by systematically developing our company in all the realms of its operation- ranging from the personnel and its qualifications through technology of production to burgeoning marketing.

CUSTOMERS- the biggest capital of our company

We are a friendly company, trying to meet even the fanciest demands of our customers. In order to adjust to ever-changing needs, we conduct a series of surveys aimed at customers deriving the greatest possible satisfaction derived from our services. Trust and loyalty towards our customers is a top priority to us because it is you- customers that is the biggest capital of our company. We are trying to occupy the leading position on the market but that is possible to materialize only due to our customers. In order to widen our assortment, we incessantly increase the qualifications of our personnel and we invest in the technological foundations of our company. The customers’ satisfaction is the biggest satisfaction to us.

The companies that trust us