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Polypropylene films of BOPP type can be directly used as packaging material or they can be used as the constituents of laminates.
Transparent films- with two-axis orientation, two-sidedly heat-sealed, one- or two-sidedly prepared to print on, the thickness ranges from 20 and 50 microns;
Used mainly as mono-films or the constituents of laminates for packing – among others – groceries.


We print on the surface and on the recto on subtrates:

Laminates (Duplex)
We also offer:

5-layers CPP film, non-oriented polypropylene film
Cast film is characterized by the high level of flexibility, softness and high resistance to tearing or perforating it. It is also characterized by high thermal stability and high endurance of the hot-seal. It is perfect for producing bags for bread, vegetables, fruit and textiles.
The very beneficial property of that film is the possibility of creating laminates with other films. The proper selection of the properties of particular layers of the laminate allows for the optimal selection of tis final resistance or mechanic endurance needed for packing a given item.

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