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Hadepol Flexo Sp. z o.o. - Wrapping paper

Produkty papierowe

Wrapping paper

We offer to you wrapping paper with the option of the standard or customized printed design. We offer various types of paper:


These are white and brown paper with the paper density ranging from 33 g/m2.
The paper combined with merely 7-micron HDPE film yield a modern and simultaneously sustainable packaging. After the exploitation, it yields itself in 100% to another recycling due to the possibility of easily separating its two layers. It is of great use in confectionary, meat and fish industry.


The paper of the density ranging from 32g/m2 to 100g/m2, widely used as the wrapping paper in baking and confectionary industries.

KRAFT PAPER (Bleached)

The density of that paper ranges from 33 g/m2.
That is the snow-white paper with high mechanic resistance, most frequently used in baking-confectionary industry.


It is grease-proof paper covered with the layer on silicone on both sides- this kind of paper is mainly used in baking industry, it is used as parchment paper.



Upon the customer’s request, we can prepare any sheet or reel of paper.

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